Thailand is a hot Spot for Chinese Tourists 

The data provided by the Travel Service Platform shows that Bangkok’s airports saw the largest reservation compared to other overseas during a three-day holiday.
According to Masterkar International, during two years, Bangkok has changed London and Paris to become the world’s most visited tourist destination. In 2016, the city welcomed 194 million tourists worldwide.
Enjoying a lot of money is a great way to travel to China’s holiday chains in Thailand. The average person spends about 3,000 yuan in the country ($ 473), which is far cheaper than the hot places in hot places.
A Thai manufacturer of travel programs in Southeast Asia said, “Thailand was one of the openest countries for the Chinese tourists, and it is always the warmest destination for Chinese tourists.
Thailand is a country that will never get you the tire to visit, a trip encouraged. In addition, the country offers visa policy for China’s tourists, which is more convenient than the process of visa application in other countries.
According to statistics, at the beginning of this year, the number of Chinese tourists in Thailand was 350,000, compared to 113.8 percent last year. During this period, this figure was more than a quarter of total Chinese tourism.
In 2017, China’s tourists brought more than 520 billion in income to Thailand, the largest contributor in the country’s tourism sector and the income of the country, said Pongpini Svetarundra, a permanent secretary of the Thai Foreign Ministry. By the way, the game.
As the most unprofessional passport in the world, China’s tourists have recently slaughtered a new life in airlines, cruise ships and the overall global hospitality industry. Weakened visa restrictions started due to the government’s intervention in the 90s since the beginning of many commencement of travel. According to the statistics of the China Tourism Academy (CTA), the country has recorded 122 million from 2000 to 2000, in which 10 million billions of bound movements took part. In view of these numbers, only 11 countries in the world have the overall population according to that size.
Chinese passengers took full advantage of a eight-day long “Golden Week” holiday, in which one of the two holidays in one of the two holidays seen by Mainland China, traveled around the world. Many were not tourists, but instead of taking the opportunity to improve their health. China Online Travel Booking Site Ctrip has found 500,000 Chinese travel overseas, five-fifth jump jump year for 2016 for medical services.
Thailand was among the most popular places to visit, so far nine million travels are recorded from China. But the database provider Euromenter found that Indonesia has developed a high volume of tourism of 30% so far in 2017. Australia’s long-lasting countries have made a warm place for Chinese passengers. Their number has already arrived. Becoming 150,000, after Phuket becoming the second most visited island by Chinese tourists. And this is also a dangerous danger of mounting the mountains, threatening to end any moment.

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