How to Enjoy Innsbruck on a Budget

If you are a mountain lover and have a passion for Austria as well, then Innsbruck might be on your list of places you really want to visit. However, we all know that some European countries and cities are quite expensive – of course, Austria can be one of those in some cases.

Nevertheless, if you wish to see as many beautiful places as you want, you’ll always look for budget options when you are traveling. Therefore, today we’ve prepared a guide that can help you enjoy Innsbruck on a budget.

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Enjoying Innsbruck on a Budget

We know that Innsbruck is a great location both during winter and summer as well – therefore, we’ll provide you with information regarding both seasons so that, no matter the time of the year you choose to visit this beautiful city, you can always rely on our article.

Drink and Food

The temperatures are not that low in summer – so, you could get a to-go meal, be it breakfast or lunch, and serve it along the Inn river. By doing so, you fill up your belly while admiring the amazing view.

However, if you want to taste some authentic cuisine, then we recommend the Markthalle; but if cheap and good food is everything you want, then you can check the low-cost food joints that can be found around Innsbruck’s universities.

During winter, we recommend visiting the Theresienbrau – you can find it right around Maria Theresienstrasse. Here, you can discover the microbeer culture of Austria, enjoy a fresh Pils, and delight yourself with a tasty schnitzel.

Having Fun and Discovering Innsbruck

During summer, you can visit the same Maria Theresienstrasse as many summer festivities are held here – you can discover some local traditions here and explore the many summer tents.

On the other hand, many people consider the Hofgarten Café as the place you have to visit in the evening if you want something special and not expensive at all – this café can be found inside Hofgarten Park and it is surrounded by green, luscious spaces.

During winter things change a lot – this is when skiers’ and snowboarders’ bars are most famous. For example, you could stop at Jimmy’s after a skiing session and then, after you got all warmed up, go below the bar and visit the Blue Chip Club.

Reportedly, the beers around these two locations are around 3 Euros and the cover charges are usually less than 5 Euros. Depending on your preferences, you could also visit the cafes and bars near the Goldenes Dachl, attended mostly by older people, or the 6020 bar, preferred by students.


When it comes to some action, you have to go hiking during summer and skiing during winter, obviously. Naturally, hiking is very cheap – sometimes it’s even free. However, skiing can be quite expensive.

In this case, all you have to do is get on a toboggan and have the same fun and experience for just half the cost!