Cherrapunji: Choose the Rains for Romance

The ceremony is over and you are with the person who was born to be your soul mate. Love is in the air and you have spent days and nights pouring searching the internet over and over till you can recite the more popular among the spots featuring in Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India, off the top of your head. In short you have done all you could to look for the ideal spot for you and your partner to enjoy the best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India ever. If you have not still found the perfect romantic spot, may we suggest to you Cherrapunji?

The location details in itself

If you are a lover of the rains, this spot in Meghalaya, which literally translates to the abode of the clouds, is just the perfect setting for your love story to unfold against a back drop of beautiful rain. It rains here most of the times and the best time to visit will be between the months of October and May when the temperature is cooler and the rain not as frequent. Cherrapunji is located on a plateau which is almost 600 meter above the surrounding valleys making the view from here astoundingly dramatic and absolutely unique.

Beauty and love entangled together

Another unique thing about Cherrapunji is that here it rains mostly during the night. So while you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place during the daytime your nights will be filled with soothing sound of the relentless rain. Lying at a distance of only 58 kms from Shillong, Cherrapunji, holding the title of the second wettest place on the earth, is the capital of Meghalaya. Meghalaya is known throughout the world for its serene, elusive, fairy tale like beauty. The perfect place for your own happily ever after to unfold, won’t you say? The scenic beauty here is of the most serene and the simplest kind. Once you are there you might consider embarking on one of the easier treks to let you take in the entire beauty of majestic nature at a slow pace. An easy trek or a lazy stroll is advised to let you properly relish the magic moments of your loving honeymoon.

Romance and you –enjoy your stay

 Be sure to pay a visit to the nearby charming village of Tyrna. It is home to the amazing living root bridge. This bridge is manmade and about 150 years old. Over the years it has become famous around the world for being one of the most amazing creations. What would be a more romantic spot to profess your undying love in, than a bridge made of living roots, surviving several natural calamities for more than a century and yet connecting two places to one another? Here even the smallest words grow heavy with meaning and even the simplest vows take on the tone of a rich history, by virtue of location alone.

Located only about 130 km from Cherrapunji is the Norkek National Park, famous for being one of the last places in India to house a few red pandas. Other exotic animals that you can see here are elephants and you could also explore a rich treasury of many interesting plants. This green gem is one of the most romantic places that you must visit on your honeymoon trip to the city of rains. Another beautiful tourist attraction nearby is the amazing Seven Sisters Fall. It happens to be the fouth largest waterfall in the entire country of India. May you continue falling in love with your soul mate for as many years as the Seven Sisters have been falling off a large cliff? If you visit the waterfall during a sunny day the visual splendor of it will make you gasp in wonder. It is one of the most romantic honeymoon packages spots to explore your relationship in.

Another must visit romantic spot in Cherrapunji are the bewitchingly beautiful Thangkharang Park. The beautiful lush greenery, the quaint basket shaped rock, the splendorous waterfall and above all the amazing view of Bangladesh make it a must visit spot during your romantic honeymoon tour packages in India.

A variety of accommodations are available in Cherrapunji to suit different budgets. The best way to reach is beautiful honeymoons destination is to take a flight to the Shillong airport, and hire a cab or a car from there.