Bali: It's More Than A Place, It’s Your Sweet Abode

No matter how many times you have visited Bali, it always feels new and exciting. Every time you will find something unique, be it a restaurant, new hotel or villa, a new sports activity and much more. The more you visit the more you will get attached to this island. Bali is not a place to visit only once. It’s kind of a second home for tourists who love to live surrounded by the beauty of nature. The kind of comfort and facilities you get throughout your vacation will mean you won’t miss your hometown, even once. Let’s see what Bali has to offer to you.

  • Lavish Beauty Treatments

For a well-groomed lady, a pedicure and manicure is always a top priority that’s why AMO has an excellent collection of 1000 different shades of nail polish which you can apply after your pedicure and manicure are competed. Enter the nail salon Seminyak and indulge in the high-quality treatment of your nails. Your hand and feet will be soaked in a potion of EO blend and fizzy milk balls, all prepared at AMO itself. Experts will then clean your nails file them and cut them if necessary. You will be presented with different colors of nail polish. Choose your favorite shade and or simply ask the experts which color will go with your complexion. Once the color is decided to paint your nails, ask AMO staff to do some nail art if you so wish, and you are done.

  • Fine Dining Defined

We all miss homemade food when on vacation. But don’t worry, at AMO Cafe you will find a variety of healthy food items to give your body proper nourishment. Their fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices are all grown in-house in the rooftop garden to give you a delicious taste in every bite. Dig into the salads, smoothies, juice, cocktail or whatever you feel like and fell fresh and healthy again. AMO is definitely the best cafe in Canggu.

  • A Fun Ride for All

Fun and adventure is there for the taking on a 700cc fully automatic, easy to ride quad bike. Don’t have a prior driving experience? No worries, you will not need one for Bali quad bike ride. Training will be provided by the Bali Island ATV team. So hop on carefree and get the fun started from Yeh Gangga beach to the roads of some old Bali villages. Ride through the valleys of rice fields and watch the farmers working on the crops. Ride up and down the cliff tops and get a panoramic view of the landscape. Your insurance is covered in the price and at the end of the trip; you can indulge yourself in the barbeque sausage sizzle.  Drone video footage is also available on request.

  • Cheap Villa With 5-Star Service

We all are under the impression that cheap means broken beds; cockroach invaded kitchen, not so clean bathroom and strained bed. Well, remove all those thoughts from your mind because the cheap Bali villas have all the facilities which you would expect in a 5-star hotel. The only difference you will ever find is in the price. Bali Villas and More have an excellent collection of villas that give you all the comfort from swimming pool to a spa treatment. The staffs are available 7 days a week to serve you and take care of your needs. They will act as a guide if you want to know about the transportation in Bali and the cost.

  • A Lively Water Park

The waterbom park Bali is an unbeatable day out for all the family. Children will really enjoy the fun activities in this park. Get wet and play all day long on as you explore the different slides and rides. There are a number of slides that will keep you engaged. Get on the Fast and Fierce and Twin Racers ride and challenge your partner to splash down and win the race. Make sure you keep one day just for this fun activity. Book your slot with Bali Tours and More and enjoy the watery day.
Some other water activities you might like:
Experience the power of Mother Nature by visiting one of Bali’s stunning waterfalls.
Shred the water on a wakeboard at the Bali Wake Park
Fly above the waves with a parasailing session.
Ride the rapids on a whitewater rafting trip.

  • Sophisticated, Secluded and Peaceful

Spend your holiday in a sophisticated, secluded and peaceful Seminyak beachfront hotels. Kick start your morning and come out of your dreamy state of mind at the sound of the calm breeze, waves of water flowing in the sea, the chirping of birds and distant sound of the temple bell. Let your heart fill with warmth, energy, and happiness. At a distance, you will see few tourists and locals on the beach making themselves ready to welcome the sun. You can join them too and enjoy the sunrise from a completely different angle.

Author Bio:
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